Hospitalis Sancti Antoni - Oristano
Sabato 26 Agosto

Miniere Sonore XVI Edizione 2023

Pàthei Màthos


Drone Doom Ambient Post-Rock

Valerio MarrasGuitar/Fx/Tape Loop/Synth


SARRAM è il progetto solista di Valerio Marras, che combina elementi di ambient, post rock e noise. Con quattro dischi all’attivo, suonerà in anteprima a Miniere Sonore il nuovo “Pàthei Màthos”, in uscita per Subsound Records. Il disco è denso e intenso, in bilico tra drone, tape loop, post rock, doom ed elettronica, con partecipazioni speciali. SARRAM si è esibito in tutta Europa e ha collaborato con diversi musei.


S A R R A M is a dark ceremony inspired by the wild, ancient landscape of Sardinia. A crushing but yet graceful composition where drone, electronica, doom, post-rock blend to invite the listener to an intense sound journey. His new record Pàthei Màthos will be out September 1st, for Subsound Records. The title is taken from Agamemnon’s Aeschylus: Pàthei Màthos is about learning through suffering. Musically speaking is a deep trip in the darkness sorrounded by pulsing soundwaves, crushing and doom-ish layers, ethereal voices and floating cellos of renowned artists Lili Refrain, Dalila Kayros and Tobias Vethake which makes S A R R A M’s Pàthei Màthos an authentic mix of experiences and feelings which will be played as a preview for Miniere Sonore. S A R R A M has released albums for Subsound Records (It), Midira Records (D), Talk About records (Sardinia) playing intensely all over Europe including appearances at LEM in Spain, Dunk!Festival in Belgium, Moving Noises and Schwarzer Herbst in Germany, Who Needs Lyrics in Slovakia, Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (D, KME, Signal fest, Tube Cult fest; collaborations with MAN museum and Ciusa Musem in Nuoro, Museo Nivola in Orani, MUA in Sinnai.