Hospitalis Sancti Antoni - Oristano
Venerdì 30 Agosto - ORE 21:45

Miniere Sonore XII Edizione 2019

Etats de corps

Peter Agardi

Performance / Danza contemporanea

(Ungheria / Francia)

Peter Agardi Danza

Amelie Paulmier Assistente coreografo



Inspired by Pasolini’s philosophy, ÉTATS DE CORPS is a multidisciplinary creation in which the human race is being questioned in the evidence of their certainty.

We are being held prisoners, prevented from escaping a system of absolute control that robs us of our identity, our past and our future. Even what seems natural and private, in reality depends on a series of norms and conventions determined by society.

We need to return to the body – before the homologation of physicality and aesthetics, before the repression of desire and actions, in front of the outrageous consumption, in front of the well-behaving moralism, before the self-controlled permissiveness.

We need to ask ourselves questions. Are we truly in control of our own body?

Are we to submit our body to repression or break free of its prison and rejoice in emancipation? The choice given to us at birth, when we are the purest, when our soul and body is one.

Our body is our birth right.

Allow the body to be for what it is meant to be!